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Reviews > Nutritional Scales > Newline Digital Nutrition Calculator Kitchen Food Diet Scale

Basic functionality, but not much more.

The Newline Electronic Diet Kitchen Scale is one of the least expensive of the reviewed scales and offers basic nutrient calculation.

Its major competitor on price is the Salter 1440, which has a larger database of food items but does require the spelling out of food-item names. An item that can be entered with three button presses on the Newline scale might take 18 button presses on the Salter.

In its favor, the manual with the list of food codes for the Newline scale is attractive and well-organized and is available online.

The digital nutrition scale from Newline is not a bad product. It is just largely unimpressive compared to what is available for just a few bucks more (or in the case of the Salter 1440, just a few bucks less).

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