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Who is Tony?

Tony is an average kid who just happens to have type 1 diabetes.  That means Tony’s Mom & Dad have to keep track of what Tony eats to keep him healthy.


How does the Tony’s Plate Calculator work?

The Tony’s Plate Calculator works in a couple of different ways.  If you care interesed in finding out nutrition information for a single food item, you can perform a Quick Search.  Or, if you are more interested in finding out the nutrition information for a bunch of food items put together, like in a recipe or a meal or an entire days worth of food, you can build what we call a Recipe.

To perform a simple Quick Search, go to the Calculator and enter the name of a food in the search field.  When you find the item you want, enter a quantity and click the [Show Details] button to see the nutrition information for that one item.

But if you are interested in something more complicated, you can build a Recipe.  A Recipe is a list of ingredients with each ingredient adding to the nutrition totals.  You can then find out the nutrition for the whole Recipe or a portion.  You can even use Recipes as ingredients for other Recipes.  (For example, yesterday’s chili can go into tomorrow’s chili mac.)

What is Tony’s Plate?

Tony’s Plate is the online home of the Tony’s Plate Calculator, a free, flexible tool that can help you figure out the nutrition of the foods you eat and the recipes you make.


Do I have to have diabetes to use the Tony’s Plate Calculator?

All you need to use the Tony’s Plate Calculator is to be interested in the foods you eat.  If you want to see how well you are following the USDA’s food-pyramid recommendations, you can look at nutrition information from the USDA MyPyramid database.  Or, if you are more interested in carbs or fats (basically the kinds of things you would find on a Nutrition Facts label), you can look at nutrition information from the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference.  (Either database can give you information about calories.)

Where do I sign up?

You don’t actually have to register to use the Tony’s Plate Calculator.  You can perform a Quick Search or even build a Recipe without having an account.  You only need to have an account and be logged in if you wish to store your Recipes for later use.

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