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Reviews > Nutritional Scales > Escali Cibo Nutritional Scale

Compact, stylish and sports some really thoughtful design touches.

The Escali Cibo is a very nice little digital nutritional scale.  It does not accept custom-programmed food items like some other scales, and it does not fold into a protective shell for easy travel.  But in all other respects it is a well-designed product.

The manual and code-list book is the best designed of all the reviewed scales, with water-resistant pages and a spiral binding that allows the book to lay flat even when turned inside out.  Food items in the book are arranged alphabetically, with duplicate entries where appropriate to assist the search process.  For example, the code list contains both "Cereal, Corn Pops" and "Corn Pops cereal," and either one will give you the proper code.  A replacement manual and code list can be downloaded from the Escali website.

The scale itself has a compact, round body.  The weighing platform is also round and features a removable stainless-steel tray with a raised rim to help corral rolling foods.

And that's about it.  The Escali Cibo is not heavily-loaded with features, but what it does do it does do well.

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