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Reviews > Nutritional Scales > Biggest Loser 11-Pound Nutritional Scale with Fold Out Keypad

Several nice features, including a back-lit display, a large weighing platform and the highest weight capacity of any of the reviewed scales.

The two greatest selling points of the Biggest Loser Nutritional Scale are its relatively-high capacity and its backlit display.  The 11-pounds / 5000-grams maximum capacity is the greatest of all the reviewed scales and is matched with a platform that is also the largest of all the reviewed scales.  The display features a bright blue backlight which could really make a difference for those who have trouble reading a standard black-on-gray LCD display.

That higher weight capacity can really come in handy.  As a point of reference, consider the 9"x13" retangular glass pan full of ziti that we made recently.  It weighed in at a whopping 7.5 pounds.  All the other kitchen scales we commonly use were overloaded—they flashed up a sign on their little liquid-crystal displays that basically said "ouch"—but the biggest loser scale weighed that pan with no trouble at all.

The other features of the scale are a bit inexplicable.  The scale comes with a kitchen timer and a thermometer that gives the room temperature.  And when not in use, the display of the scale folds into the body, flipping out like a switchblade at the touch of a button.  These features are interesting but do not add value as a nutritional scale.

The manual for the scale is available online but is not well organized.  Under its "8 categories of food or ingredients" outline, fruit and vegetables are lumped in under "BREAD."  French fries can be found under the "Cheeseburger, large with condiments" section, just under "Sundae, hot fudge" and "Fish sandwich, tartar sauce, cheese."  The organization is just a mess.

But for a user that needs to know the nutrients of heavy foods in a dim environment, this scale may be just the thing.

Update: If you can't find the Biggest Loser nutritional scale with the fold-out keypad, you might also consider the The Biggest Loser Electronic Glass Nutritional Scale by Taylor, which also features an 11-pound capacity.

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