I would like to thank everyone who voted for the Tony’s Plate Calculator in the Apps for Healthy Kids competition.  And that thanks extends to everyone who blogged, tweeted and wrote on my behalf.  The show of support was overwhelming.

It was especially gratifying the way my family rallied behind me.  Everyone did what they could.  Susan, of course, could (and did) do the most, but she wasn’t alone.  My other sisters, my niece, my parents, my wife and sons all did their part and brought in the votes.

Other major supporters include the fans and Broadway cast of [title of show], the Broadway community in general, Jo Frost (The Supernanny!), Tony’s Cub Scout Pack, the Dayton chapter of the JDRF, the grant writing office at the University of Miami, and the readers of the Dayton Daily News.  I apologize if I have left anyone out.

Of course it is not all over yet.  When the voting closed, we had close to a 200-vote lead, and I am sure those votes are being audited right now.  But I think we are in a good position; we continually told people to be honest in their voting, and I know we were never as desperate or frustrated as our competition.

By the way, I would have put this out yesterday, but after the voting closed I crashed hard.  My blood pressure came down, the adrenaline wore off, and I relaxed for the first time in a week.  I even took a nap and got to bed early, which for me only happens when I am truly exhausted.  Like Susan, I am no longer going to bed with the thought “what else could I be doing?”  For better or worse, this chapter is over.