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2010-Sep-20: Thank's, Jo!

Category: Site Information
Posted by: tonysdad
Jo (“Supernanny”) Frost has an excellent website filled with plenty of child care advice and information.  And this month her eNewsletter has a nice shout out to Tony’s Plate.  (We enjoyed the eNewsletter so much, we became regular subscribers.)
Category: Site Information
Posted by: tonysdad
The USDA is holding a competition for schools to come up with “Recipes for Healthy Kids.”  And for this competition, Tony’s Plate is helping out.

I’m eager to see what kinds of recipes come out of this competition.  Finding healthy recipes that kids will enjoy is a tricky task.  Hooray for crowdsourcing!

2010-Aug-15: Thank You

Category: Site Information
Posted by: tonysdad
I would like to thank everyone who voted for the Tony’s Plate Calculator in the Apps for Healthy Kids competition.  And that thanks extends to everyone who blogged, tweeted and wrote on my behalf.  The show of support was overwhelming.

It was especially gratifying the way my family rallied behind me.  Everyone did what they could.  Susan, of course, could (and did) do the most, but she wasn’t alone.  My other sisters, my niece, my parents, my wife and sons all did their part and brought in the votes.

Other major supporters include the fans and Broadway cast of [title of show], the Broadway community in general, Jo Frost (The Supernanny!), Tony’s Cub Scout Pack, the Dayton chapter of the JDRF, the grant writing office at the University of Miami, and the readers of the Dayton Daily News.  I apologize if I have left anyone out.

Of course it is not all over yet.  When the voting closed, we had close to a 200-vote lead, and I am sure those votes are being audited right now.  But I think we are in a good position; we continually told people to be honest in their voting, and I know we were never as desperate or frustrated as our competition.

By the way, I would have put this out yesterday, but after the voting closed I crashed hard.  My blood pressure came down, the adrenaline wore off, and I relaxed for the first time in a week.  I even took a nap and got to bed early, which for me only happens when I am truly exhausted.  Like Susan, I am no longer going to bed with the thought “what else could I be doing?”  For better or worse, this chapter is over.

2010-Aug-15: Tweet ♪

Category: Site Information
Posted by: tonysdad
Hey, four more Twitter followers yesterday!  That brings our total up to...um...four Twitter followers!
Category: Site Information
Posted by: tonysdad
You may have noticed that, from a certain standpoint, TonysPlate.com is a fairly simple website.

Sure, the things you can do with the site can be complex, but the site itself does not rely on Flash or Java or Javascript. Even Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), which the site does use, are not required.

We did this on purpose.

One of the goals we had when developing the site was to make it usable on as many platforms as possible, basically anything that could browse the web. We wanted it to work on cheap phones and iPhones and underpowered netbooks and 10-year-old PCs running 10-year-old browsers.

We think we have succeeded, but we would like your feedback. Does the Tony's Plate Calculator work on a Kindle? How about an iPad? A cheap pay-as-you-go phone? We'd love to hear about it.
Category: Site Information
Posted by: tonysdad
We here at Deep Spring Solutions have produced a video that introduces the major ideas behind the Tony's Plate Calculator. Please enjoy:

Special thanks go out to Tony's Aunt, who narrated the piece so professionally, Tony's Uncle, who did the sound recording, Justin Robertson, who produced the graphics, Tony's Grandma, who cut out all the graphics, and Tony's Grampa, who built the overhead filming rig.
Category: Site Information
Posted by: tonysdad
We're using a blogging system called Nucleus CMS.

I have to say that getting Nucleus CMS up and running was impressively easy. I've made a mental note that, if I ever need to set someone up with a custom domain, email and a full featured blog, I can do so through GoDaddy and Nucleus CMS in just a couple of hours.

That said, it was a chore and a half shoehorning guts of the Nucleus CMS blog into the existing tonysplate.com page layout. Took me about six hours.

Nucleus CMS does allow multiple authors. So I am posting as tonysdad, and Tony will be able to post as tony. (And Tony has said that he does want to make blog entries.) You might also see entries from tonysmom, tonysbigbrother and tonyslittlebrother.


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