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2010-Sep-20: Thank's, Jo!

Category: Site Information
Posted by: tonysdad
Jo (“Supernanny”) Frost has an excellent website filled with plenty of child care advice and information.  And this month her eNewsletter has a nice shout out to Tony’s Plate.  (We enjoyed the eNewsletter so much, we became regular subscribers.)
Category: Life with Type 1
Posted by: tonysdad
Look, I’ve never asked you for anything, right? OK, I may have asked you to vote for me in that competition, but this is important.  The Dayton JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes is coming up on October 2nd, and Tony’s Team is gearing up for our second outing.

Now the Walk, aside from being a show of support for the JDRF, is a major fund-raising event for research into juvenile diabetes.  These are the people who are funding the research that is going to make type 1 diabetes one of those diseases that people used to get in the olden days.

But before I give you the link where you can make a donation, I would like to make you a special offer.  Any donation to the JDRF is appreciated, but if you could find a way to part with a donation of $100 or more, we would like to send you a Tony’s Team t-shirt.

Take a look at that art.  That’s 100% the work of the up-and-coming Illustrator of Broadway, Justin “Squigs” Robertson.  And the styling, a slightly-retro ringer tee is—I have been assured by the Council of Cool Kids—kicky and stylish.

To get your t-shirt, here is what you need to do:
  1. Go to Tony’s donation page on the JDRF website.
  2. Click the [Donate to This Walker] button.
  3. Fill out your Personal and Billing Information for your $100+ donation.
  4. Important: We here at TonysPlate.com will not see your Personal or Billing information, so you need to enter the address where you would like your t-shirt sent and the shirt size you would like to receive in the box at the bottom of the form.  (Shirts are 100% cotton and are available in Mens Small through 3XL and in Ladies Small through XL.  For more information, including sizing charts, click here for Mens shirts, and here for Ladies.)
  5. Equally Important: You probably will want to check the box labeled “Do not display my name or personal message on this walker’s webpage.”
  6. Click the [Continue] button to continue, and if everything looks correct on the confirmation page, click the [Confirm Information] button.
  7. This next step takes a little longer: Wait until we have a chance to make and mail you your shirt.  (I’m thinking late October or early November.)
  8. Relax in the comfort of knowing that we here at TonysPlate.com will not rent, sell or give away your contact information.  We only need it so we can send you your shirt.

And please note:

  • All the money from your donation goes to the JDRF.  We here at TonysPlate.com will not be making money from these t-shirts, quite the opposite.
  • And because we are paying for the shirts and shipping from our own pocket, this run of shirts will have to be a limited edition, probably no more than 150 will be made.  If we get close to the limit, we will post something in this blog.
  • Shipping limited to addresses in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Offer ends 11:59PM ET on Sunday, October 10th.
Category: Site Information
Posted by: tonysdad
The USDA is holding a competition for schools to come up with “Recipes for Healthy Kids.”  And for this competition, Tony’s Plate is helping out.

I’m eager to see what kinds of recipes come out of this competition.  Finding healthy recipes that kids will enjoy is a tricky task.  Hooray for crowdsourcing!


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