The other evening, Tony's Mom was heading out with Tony to go to a Cub Scout den meeting. "It drives him crazy," she said. "The other parents take turns bringing in snacks, and when he can't have them too, he gets upset." I asked her what kind of snacks they were, and she told me it was things like Twizzlers, Rice Krispie Treats, things like that.

I told her to go ahead and let him have the snacks. An extra 15 to 30 grams of carbs at a once-a-week event (where the kids are often quite active) should not cause much of a blip on his blood glucose. It wasn't worth it to torture the poor kid.

As it was, they were having the scouts do the fifty yard dash at the den meeting. Tony got to participate in the snack, making him ecstatic. And that evening he was slightly low. That's what we call a happy ending in Diabetesland.